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When I think of home, the first thing that comes to mind is a picture of my family: my husband, MacMichael, our two sons, and our fur babies, all sitting in the family room watching TV together. I don’t know why that is the first thing that comes to mind- of course, it might be because it is what we do most often in our house. All warm and snuggled up together!

As we head into the coldest part of the year for us here in Missouri City, it is time for all of us in the community to see if there is a way to help our family stay warm. Yes, I am speaking about our fur babies, both parts of our family, those already in it, and those needing a new place to call home!

Missouri City Animal Services is the best place to start if you want to adopt a pet and give them a warm place to call home. Before adopting a pet, we suggest you consider the following:

  • Consider your budget. Adopting a pet requires you to consider the amount of time and funding it takes to provide food, shelter and medical care for the animal.
  • Consider your lifestyle. Consider all issues related to the effect the animal may or may not have and how you may need to adjust.
    • Are you away from the house a considerable amount of time?
    • Do you travel a lot?
    • Will you have the time to train, socialize and offer companionship to a new animal?
  • Consult the whole family. Everyone who has to live with the animal should be in agreement before adopting the animal. Everyone should consider his or her involvement in the care of the animal. If you have small children, consider who will care for the animal once the kids lose interest.
  • Don’t make a spur of the moment decision to adopt. Seeing a cute, furry animal “in the store window,” or your children hounding you, are not good reasons to adopt.
  • Evaluate your living accommodations. Do you rent or lease? If so, there may be a pet deposit or pets may not be allowed at all. Consult your leasing company or landlord before adopting.

If you wish to adopt a pet, email the Animal Services Division or call 281.403.8707. The animal control officer will offer availability information to you and make an appointment for you to come to the shelter for viewing.  Here is a copy of our Adoption Form, should you decide to bring home a new friend.  

But, there is only so much they can do without families stepping up to adopt or volunteer to foster pets. Even our fur babies are looking for the NEXT NEW HOUSE they can call home!


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